I listened to the CDC press event this morning and was happy to hear that China has shared the DNA information of this novel strain of coronavirus, allowing the CDC to develop better/quicker diagnostic tools, and to initiate vaccine development.  I take comfort in hearing that due to technologies, experienced strategies, and global cooperation, we are prepared and the CDC is managing the development of this novel strain of coronavirus.

I wanted to also share some traditional dietary and lifestyle considerations, based on th...

As awareness grows around the virus known as the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) grows, we'd like to share an infographic that can be a helpful reminder of coronavirus symptoms, were it to spread significantly further, or if you, your family, or your co-workers are traveling throughout Asia.

 Image from PBS

As with any virus, the best strategy is to avoid exposure, maintain a healthy immune system, and avoid the tendency for media to spin panic, as it sells coverage/attention.

The best ways to maintain a healthy immune system i...

Due to the decades of research and inarguable evidence for the efficacy and clinical benefit of acupuncture in the treatment of low back pain, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized a decision to cover #acupuncture for Medicare patients with chronic low back pain.

“ 'We are dedicated to increasing access to alternatives to prescription opioids and believe that covering acupuncture for chronic low back pain is in the best interest of Medicare patients,' said CMS Principal Deputy Administrator of Operati...

Two epidemiological studies were published this past year looking at large populations and assessing potential correlations between tea consumption and reduced risk of skin cancer and type 2 diabetes mellitus - both showing a relationship between higher caffeine/tea consumption and reduced risk of these diseases in certain populations.

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