The Gut-Brain connection as a model for holistic and functional medicine.

The human body is very complex and is made even more complex when you include the symbiotic and interrelated exchanges between our bodies and the living body of life that is called the 'microbiome' in our intestines. Recent research continues to point to a bi-directional relationship between our gut (and the organisms that inhabit it) and our mental health, among other things, such as foods we prefer. Research is repeatedly showing that psychological stress can alter and negatively affect the health of the microbiome and therefore, the gut and our digestive functions. (1) The health of our microbiome and gut can have a direct affect on our mental health, ability to handle stress, and long te

Heavenly tea. A recipe for early Summer.

In following the 24 Solar Terms calendar, a more agriculturally-focused and surprisingly accurate 2,200 year old calendar, we are arrived in the phase of the cycles known as "Summer Begins" today - May 5, 2017. With the sudden heat wave a few days ago that hit record highs reminding us that Yang is indeed rising and expanding influence, we are encouraged to look for ways to harmonize and balance our experience through adjusting our behavior and habits. Shifting from more hot drinks to more room temperature or cool drinks is a simple way to ride the heat of Summer, and protect our bodily fluids and delicate nervous systems. Other shifts one can make are from more oxidized teas to less oxid

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