Summer Solstice and Tips for Protecting Yourself from Summer Heat

One of the deepest insights of the human body from Chinese medicine is the appreciation of the body in the every changing cycles of seasonal climate changes. The heat and the cold of the Solstices, the winds and patterns of weather that occur throughout the year, these are all observed and adjusted to accordingly with slight changes in diet, lifestyle, and treatment. The solstices and equinoxes are notable times to re-calibrate ourselves to the universe and to our own self-care. The human body is a delicate and dynamic system that requires constant attention and fine tuning, so during extremes, we should apply extra care to ensure we aren't injured or harmed by the dramatic peaks of seaso

'Dietary Fat: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' - Nutrition Guide for Physicians and Related

Looking up research on dietary fats and their effects on cholesterol, I discovered this recently published article. Here is the abstract below, and you can find the full report hosted on our website here. I will snip out some of my favorite quotations below as well. Abstract: ​ Health professionals are often asked questions regarding fat intake: Are all fats bad for you? Are fats all the same? How much is too much fat? ​ The objective of this chapter is to shed light on dietary fat and the controversies that surround it. The human body needs a certain amount of fat in the diet in order to survive. Each gram of fat provides 9 kcal whereas protein and carbohydrate only provide 4 kcal/g. Fat

Food poisoning can lead to IBS - a look at a recent meta-analysis.

While I was reading an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a team of gastroenterologists, I looked into a study they pointed to. The study found solid evidence that cases of enteritis, intestinal infection from food poisoning, increase risk of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) developing later in more than 10% of cases. In their conclusion, they summarized the data by noting that, "risk of IBS was 4-fold higher than in individuals who did not have infectious enteritis". That's a significant increase. When the gut gets attacked by external pathogens, it can take sustained injury and damage, compromising the long-term integrity of the tissues and the organs themselves. It's like when an enemy army rol

Pu'erh Tea and Fat Metabolism: Yet another study pointing to significant results.

In my regular scouring of the journals for new research on tea, I discovered one particular study that interests me, in large part because it is a high quality, peer-reviewed study done with randomization and blind, placebo controls. It is also of interest to me because it is on Puerh tea extract, and I love Puerh tea. I drink it every day and find myself sharing it with as many friends and clients as I can. The study is now hosted on our site's research page, in full, for you to read yourself, but I wanted to highlight it on our blog and invite you to try Puerh tea, or any of the fermented teas we have at Abundant Heaven. They appear to be especially effective in helping the body remove

The Benefits of Tea: All the reasons for why you should be enjoying tea every day.

What is Tea? Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, has been brewed into a healthy, flavorful, refreshing, and timeless beverage for thousands of years by everyone from emperors to farmers. From this one plant come the many varietals and styles of tea – white, green, yellow, red/black, purple, oolong, fermented brick tea, and the literally infinite blends or flavored teas. It isn’t any wonder tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world considering the satisfying and palate cleansing taste, the healthfulness, and the gentle stimulation it provides to mind and body. Drinking high quality tea provides a person with more than mere enjoyment – drinking tea provides a number of health benef

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