Happy Lunar New Year - Yang Earth Dog

Happy lunar new year from Abundant Heaven! We wish you a bountiful and healthful year. We also wanted to share some insight into the primary themes of this year, based on traditional Chinese symbolism and views of the world. As you may or may not know, Michael is a practitioner and student of classical Chinese astrology, particularly the branch known as Zi Wei Dou Shu through the lineage of his teacher Ming Liu. Below is an excerpt from a recent reading for someone born the year of the Dog. We hope the reflections here provide something to reflect upon within yourself and the changing world around us. May these insights bring you a deeper sense of appreciation, peace, and inspiration as

Acupuncture and Professional Sports

Acupuncture continues to become increasingly more utilized by Americans, and being that today is a day when most Americans are focused on football, we wanted to point your attention to an article on the rise of acupuncture in football in particular. This article, titled "Big Men, Little Needles: Acupuncture in the NFL" is from Men's Journal. It is a great look at how acupuncture helps the human body function better, how it can regulate and eliminate pain, and how it is being used by high-level athletes and everyday Americans to stay healthy and happy. We have highlighted some of the quotes below. Enjoy! "Throughout professional sports, from football to baseball to tennis and track and f

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