A unique variety of Chinese tea from the Yunnan province, pu'erh is a fermented tea named after the trading post for dark tea during Imperial China. The leaves of old tea trees are dried, rolled and then undergo a "ripening process" involving careful microbial fermentation and oxidation. This produces a deep, dark red tea with complexity comparable to wine or cognac.  Pu'erh can be aged, compressed and cured, much like wine, increasing its desired qualities, enhancing the flavors, and raising its market value as it ages.


This particular pu'erh is compressed into a small 'nest' shape and has a different flavor profile from our loose pu'erh, more akin to damp soil, mushroom, and bitter chocolate. The compact shape of this particular tea also lends it to easy travel.

2012 - Bird's Nest Puerh Tuocha - 1 piece