This is a small-production, loose leaf, ripened Pu'erh aged to perfection since 2012, softening the more intense flavors and aromas of being 'wet pile fermented' and 'ripened'.  The leaves are a slightly larger grade than the Golden Needle or the Bu Lang Mountain ripe Pu'erh we have in stock, producing less intense but more enduring flavors through multiple steepings.

Aged Ripe Puerh - Menghai - Loose Leaf - 2 oz

  • Brew roughly 1 heaping tablespoon of leaf in an open tea pot to allow the leafs to expand and open in the water.  Use boiling water and steep for 30-60 seconds for the first steeping.  For a bolder, richer steeping, steep for 2 minutes.

    Use RO (reverse osmosis) or distilled water to brew the best-tasting tea.