A Yunnan black tea from the Simao region, grown in this area by several families for a few decades, although the varietal is much older and is likely close to pure assamica.  This tea brews a rich, smooth, and potent black tea with aroma and aftertaste of sweet aged honey or wood syrup that balances well with the natural bitterness of the leaf.  It's a wonderful tea that can be drank pure or with a bit of cream for an elevated black tea experience.

Golden 'Honey Aroma' Yunnan Black - 2 oz.

  • Recommended water temperature: 200-210°F
    Optional: Rinse briefly one time with hot water (to open leaves)

    Brewing Guide:

    • 1st infusion: 30 Seconds
    • 2nd infusion: 60 seconds
    • 3rd: 90 seconds
    • 4+: add 30 seconds per infusion.

    * We highly recommend Reverse Osmosis or distilled water to enjoy the full range of aromas and flavors this tea has to offer.