"Jade Tips" is a premium tippy pick that features small leaves with a powerful thick aroma and pungent umami taste. Yunnan Large Leaf varietal green tea that is picked in a very small window of time and then immediately processed to preserve it's green and fresh character. The taste is stronger and more vegetal than the "Wu Liang Mao Feng" which has floral and fruit notes. The after-taste and mouth-feeling is long-lasting and pleasantly stimulating!  This is an incredibly tasty, pure, high mountain green tea!

Jade Tips - Organic Green Tea - 2 oz.

  • We recommend brewing this tea in a large brewing container to allow these large leaves to open fully.

    Brew with moderate temperature water, around 180-190 F for 1 minute.  Agitate the leaves in the middle of pouring out the tea; pour a small amount, then stir the leaves, then pour some more, then stir, then pour the remainder out.

    Use RO (reverse osmosis) or distilled water to brew the best-tasting tea.

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