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This convenient package contains a high grade, organic matcha made from the first springtime harvest of tencha, savored for its umami sweetness, creamy taste and enlivening energy. Designed to deliver the vivid energy of green tea on the go, the matcha single serving packets are made with pure, organic Japanese matcha. Perfect for the busy urban tea lover seeking to recharge, or the yogi looking for a natural meditative alertness after a workout. Unlike instant tea extracts, the matcha packets have no added colorants, fillers, or artificial sweeteners.


The traditional cultivation of tencha requires shading the tea garden for 3-4 weeks prior to harvest. This elevates chlorophyll and enhances L-theanine and other stimulating amino acids responsible for matcha's unique bounty of energy. Tencha is made from tea strains specifically cultivated to be: -low in tannin -high in caffeine -rich in flavor and umami.

Organic Matcha - Single Serving Packet