From the hillsides of Yunnan, this green tea is a robust and firm green tea. As long as it's brewed carefully, it gives off floral, mung-bean, grassy, and sweet flavors.  It's a perfectly bold yet refreshing green tea for the slightly warmer days in late Spring, and through Summer.

'Pine Needle' Green Tea - Spring Harvest - 2 oz

  • Brew gently in an steeping container that allows the leaves to open fully.  Use water between 160 - 170 degrees F, for 1 minute.  Avoid brewing at hotter temperatures to avoid unpleasant bitterness.

    Re-steep 1-2 times.  Try blending with carbonated water for a refreshing, green tea spritzer.

    Use RO (reverse osmosis) or distilled water to brew the best-tasting tea.