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How To Work With Us

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Free 20 Minute Phone Call

Let's make sure we are a good fit for your needs. Get all your questions answered about our services and pricing. We offer a complimentary insurance benefits check. 

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New Patient Visit

We will go through your completed forms and your health history in detail. We will create a treatment plan together based on your short and long term goals. You will walk away with more clarity and concrete actions you can take to feel better now.

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Follow-Up Visits

We track your progress together, advise you on the best course of treatment, and help keep you accountable with compassion. We take care of you with treatment and guidance that supports and empowers your health.

We are valued and appreciated for the depth of care, knowledge, and quality of treatment we provide. We care, not only about the outcomes of our treatment plans but also about your experience as a human being seeking care, pain relief, and well-being.

We love utilizing our specialized knowledge, deep experience, and skills alongside research to provide our patients with the highest quality integrative and personalized care.  We also provide, when helpful, additional information and education to our patients about acupuncture neuroscience and pain neuroscience. We want you to understand why you are in pain and how to get out of pain.

We look forward to working with you at our acupuncture clinic in Campbell, California and becoming a part of your primary healthcare support system.

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Thank you.

Thank you to all of our patients, past, present, and future:


We are so humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to work together. I know working with one's health takes strength, bravery and being ok with being vulnerable and asking for help. Sometimes it can be painful or disheartening to look at the parts of ourselves that are not happy, that are wounded or in dis-ease, that we have either ignored or tried to change - that which we haven't been successful in shifting, yet.  


It takes creativity and hopefulness to embark on an adventure of newness, looking deeply into what needs changing before we ourselves even know how to change. 


It is with this spark of hope that we meet on the healing path:

  • Knowing that we need to change to create different results.

  • Showing up with an open mind and heart to the possibilities that lie within. 

We are honored to gain your trust and be part of your healing journey, helping to guide you back to your own inner knowing of health and feeling of wholeness.


We are here to meet you, to see you, to hear you, to support you and to help you find abundance within.



In gratitude,

Jessica & Michael @ Abundant Heaven

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Integrative medicine represented by two overlapping circles icon

A natural & integrative approach to primary care that treats the whole person & synergizes with other treatments and strategies using evidence & tradition.

Electronic medical records and online portal represented by a device icon

We provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, & treatment plans.

We work with your unique medical history, health goals, & comfort level.

Herbal medicine and supplements in pill form represented by pills icon

We prescribe easy-to-take herbal formulas that are safe and effective.

We always check herb-drug interactions and help assess risk-benefit of herbal treatment.

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Thank you & welcome to Abundant Heaven!

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