Integrative medicine

with heart & tradition.

Acupuncture, Craniosacral & Herbal Medicine in Campbell


Jessica and Michael are licensed and board certified acupuncturists.  They opened their medical practice together in 2012 in the heart of the Silicon Valley, their home since birth.


It is through their combined knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine that they approach treatment, providing their patients with holistic, integrated, and functional perspectives to their bodies.  Abundant Heaven aims to blend in treatment supportively to whatever larger treatment plan a patient already has, offering support and/or alternatives when needed.

We care, not only about the outcomes of our treatment plans but also about your experience as a human being seeking care and well-being in the complex medical market.  We excel by utilizing our specialized knowledge and skills alongside research to provide our patients with the highest quality integrative and personalized care.  We also provide, when helpful, additional information and education to our patients.

We look forward to working with you at our clinic in Campbell, California and becoming a part of your primary healthcare support system.


A natural and integrative approach to health and wellness that treats the whole person and synergizes other treatments and strategies.

Comprehensive and holistic assessments and treatment plans unique to your medical history, body, goals, comfort, and financial ability.

Easy-to-take herbal formulas that are safe and effective.

We always check herb-drug interactions and help assess risk-benefit.

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