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Our Mission & Vision

Find abundance within.

Our Philosophy

We believe that health and wellness are central to a complete and fulfilled life.  The human body is complex yet elegant, mysterious yet powerful.  We value the inherent sensitivity and healing capacity of the body and seek to support it in ways that allow our patients to live healthier, happier, and ultimately deeply fulfilling lives, when it seems like other options are lacking or have failed them.


Systems-oriented and comprehensive medical views such as those found within Traditional Chinese Medicine appreciate the complex dynamics of anatomy, physiology, lifestyle, and disease as a functional interplay. At the core of this perspective is a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment that understands the need to approach the body holistically, systematically, and with attentive care.


Our comprehensive assessments and treatment plans take into account each individual's unique expression of anatomy, physiology, lifestyle, identity, and disease pattern.  We tailor our approach based on the client's relationship to themselves, their ancestors/genetics, the environment around them, their views of medicine and their body, and their personal health goals. We do our best to bridge the worlds of Eastern and Western medical perspectives to provide effective, supportive medicine.


It is through our combined knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine that we approach treatment, providing our patients with holistic, integrated, and functional perspectives to their bodies.  We aim to blend in treatment to whatever larger treatment plan a patient already has, offering support and/or alternatives when needed.


We also strive to provide up-to-date information, health education, and long-term treatment plans that empower our patients to better take care of themselves.

We pride ourselves in providing personalized, compassionate, and effective medical care in Campbell, CA.  Deep caring, a drive to perfection, and attention go into everything we do, from cultivating a serene and relaxing clinic environment, to assessing herb-drug interactions, to ensuring we are accessible to our patients for questions and concerns as they arise.


We take the time to understand each of our patients, their challenges, their triumphs, and their lifestyles, so we can provide the most appropriate and effective treatment possible.  Education and support are some of the primary tools we use to empower our patients to take their health back into their own hands.


Tradition. Integration. Wisdom.

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