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A 3 month journey to amplify your ability to heal yourself
Enrollment Opens Summer 2023

This is for you - if you:

...rebel against self-care because you struggle with discipline.


...know you need better self-care but are at a loss of what to do.

...LOVE self-care and are looking for that next leveling up into deeper, fuller self-love.


...already do self-care but are looking for super potent practices that make your self-care more efficient and powerful.


...forget what to do when you are in distress (even though you know what you could do, something is stopping you from doing it when you need it the most.)


If your desire to feel better in your body conflicts with your lifestyle, stop sabotaging yourself.


It’s time to re-write the stories you tell yourself about who you are and what you are able to do.

what I want more than anything is for you to realize you can be your own leader, healer, and teacher.

Because once you embody this,
you can create the life you want to live.

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Over the past 13 years I have helped hundreds of people reconnect to themselves and to their body’s self-healing potential, helping them shed layer after layer of stress and trauma. 


And in the process I helped them to feel better than they believed was possible. 


This is why I am so inspired to help people who believe that there is no way out of their diagnosis. 


You are so much more than chronic fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and feeling stressed out all the time. 


If you think there is nothing you can do about it, think again.


You have more of an ability to heal yourself than you may know.


What I have seen time and time again is that when people have the right support at the right time, amazing transformations blossom right before our eyes. 


That is why I have created this group - to create a safe container to give you crucial support so you can more confidently step into your power as the healer of your own life.

Doing your own healing work actually is the key to getting the life that you want.


And you are really the best person for the job. 


Self-care is not magic, but it can sure feel magical.


It’s being able to tell yourself with your *action*, “I see you. I feel you. I’ve got you. I love you.”


Imagine how your body, mind and heart would respond knowing that they have your *unconditional* love, support and presence.


Would some of the tension in your shoulders that you’ve held for decades just melt away?


Would you wake up with more joy and excitement for the possibilities of a new day?


Would you be more willing to take risks and say “yes” to those dreams that have been nagging at you? 


Self-care can make you:

  • More resourced and resilient

  • Less reactive

  • Less likely to get triggered by past trauma

  • More grounded so your nervous system doesn’t get out of whack 

  • More resourced so stress and intense emotions don’t suck your energy dry

Maybe you’re already doing some self-care, but you have the sinking suspicion that what you are doing isn’t actually providing what that you really need.


Does this sound familiar? 


You eat healthy, you try meditating, you go for walks or do some kind of movement almost every day but you still have some major physical or emotional health issues. 


Or maybe you have low level chronic health issues like anxiety, skin issues or indigestion that just won’t go away. 


You are probably wondering, “what am I missing?”

The truth is, you hold one of the most powerful keys within you to:

✨ turn your vulnerability and challenges into newly found sources of strength

✨ transform your overwhelm by taking action

✨ feel deeply at peace when you are alone with yourself

✨ heal your ability to receive love by getting more comfortable directing love towards yourself

✨ go from freaking out to riding the waves of life with a smile on your face

✨ go from completely stressed and frazzled to nourished and well rested

✨ feel like a king/queen in your body, instead of feeling like you are trapped in some weird flesh suit that doesn’t fit who you know you are meant to be

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"Powerful gift of healing"

“I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for the powerful gift of healing that Jessica has clearly been given. I have experienced a dramatic improvement in symptoms--some of which have been lingering for close to a decade--and with it, a major increase in my overall happiness and well-being. She has always been very gentle and encouraging in her approach, which I believe has helped me to feel safe and ease more deeply into the healing work.”

Dena Zlotziver, M.Ed., RYT

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Health issues hold the potential to show us our blind-spots. 


They are here to teach us what our unique medicine is in this lifetime.


When we lovingly embrace our vulnerability and befriend our health challenges, we can become our own leader, healer, and teacher.


YOU ARE THE MEDICINE you are seeking.


And self-care is a portal to drink deeply of your own medicine.


This is a skill you can learn.


Let me show you the way.

Join the Waitlist:

Thanks for signing up for the waitlist!!

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"She's given me hope that I can do something about this"

“Jessica’s work has changed my life. She has brought my pain levels down from 7 (out of 10) to near zero. No, it wasn't instantaneous, but we worked together to figure out what things worked and what didn't. Maybe just as important as the lessened pain is the hope she’s given me that I can do something about this without surgery.”

Christine H.

Sometimes we don’t even know how much better life can be, until we are shown there is another way.


So often we settle for feeling awful in our body because:

  • We believe it is normal

  • We have gotten pretty good at ignoring or managing discomfort

  • What we have tried so far hasn’t made a huge difference

  • We don’t believe we can change it

Want your body to start working so well it just fixes itself?

Harness the power of your inner healer.

This is the work that has empowered me to transform my pain into health and wisdom.

This is the work I do exclusively with my patients 1-on-1.

For over a decade I’ve seen the same pattern: people who commit to collaborating in working with me and who show up for themselves consistently by doing self-care and following my recommendations see results.


And for the first time, I’m making my 1-on-1 healing mentorship work more accessible by offering it in a small, intimate group format.

Space is limited, so sign-up now if you are feeling clear that this is for you.

"Jessica is a miracle worker"

“Jessica is a miracle worker. She listens intently to thoroughly understand the complexity of her patient's needs and intuitively addresses the issue at its core. Her depth of knowledge coupled with her gentle disposition is an invaluable resource. She encourages and helps us take better care of ourselves...without any pressure of course - only as each of us are ready and open to learn.”

Bob D.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this container:

✨ How to self-regulate through your nervous system so you can rewire your reactiveness to life; like shifting how maybe you've felt anxious and on edge since childhood. 

✨ How to become more mindful so your day won’t get hijacked when someone says something that triggers you or when something disturbing happens in the news.

✨ How to loosen your grip on trying to control your emotions and sensations so you can free up your energy and insight.

✨ How to create healing space for yourself so you feel more comfortable and confident doing your own healing work. Versus actively running in the opposite direction from your emotions, sensations and health challenges because they are uncomfortable, unwanted, or scare the sh*t out of you. 

✨ How to tune into your needs and hone your ability to listen to the messages your body, mind and emotions are sending you all the time.

✨ How to interpret the cues your body and emotions are giving you by learning simple keys to deciphering the signs.

 ✨ You have the wisdom and ability to show up for yourself, even in your darkest hours. (Even if showing up for yourself means reaching out and asking for help for exactly what you need.)

You’ll receive this via:

  • An impeccably held healing space (Priceless!)

  • A supportive online community of men and women who are coming together to deepen their commitment to their own healing (and our healing as a collective)

  • Private access to video tutorials of transformational healing practices, including:

    • Qi gong and martial arts exercises for self-cultivation

    • Meditation practices for working with challenging emotions and sensations

    • Next level self-care practices

  • (9) 90 minute weekly video calls, held live on Wednesdays 4pm -5:30pm, 3 weeks / month

  • Each call includes: 

    • Crucial teachings on how to be more empowered in your health

    • Guided self-care healing practices

    • Hot seat health coaching to work through your most challenging health concerns and questions

  • A private online group to mastermind with your peers. Get your questions answered by me Monday - Friday within 24-48 hours.

  • Lifetime access to the content. 

  • Existing patients get a $250 discount.

  • People that are new to Abundant Heaven get a private 1 hour in depth health consultation included to ensure that all of my recommendations and guidance are appropriate given your health history, individual goals and current state of health.

Enrollment will begin in Summer 2023. Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment opens!

"A safe space free of judgement or shame"

"I wanted to say how thankful I am for all that you have done for me over the past year+. Your kindness and gentle spirit have truly helped me get through some extremely hard and deep times. Thank you for your listening ear and creating a safe space free of judgement or shame for me to heal in ways I never thought possible."

A Patient of Jessica

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How I found my healer within...



When I was 15, I promised myself that I would get to the bottom of what didn’t feel right. That I would figure out why my menstrual cramps were excruciatingly painful and felt like blunt knives twisting and stabbing in my lower abdomen and sacrum. 


I was determined to understand why I felt so profoundly debilitated on a monthly basis and then gather the tools so I could change it. 


This inquiry had me journeying across the US, to the heart of the Amazonian jungle, into my ancestral lineage, eventually returning to a deeper sense of coming home to myself than I could ever have dreamt was possible.


I got rid of most of my pain by changing how I related to and took care of my body. 


The rest of the pain melted away through my devotion to work *with* it. 


I stopped resisting the pain and recognized the pain was actually there to show me what I needed to heal so I could come back into harmony. 


But when I was finally ready to have a child, I was once again met with the harsh reality of my body not lining up with the life I wanted. 


So I went deeper and deeper into the realm of bridging the impossible into physical reality. 


And I miraculously got pregnant naturally - literally against all odds and with labs that made me look post menopausal at age 35 with premature ovarian failure.


My healing journey that began as a seemingly simple undertaking of trying to get rid of my pain turned into so much more: finding my healer within


What if I hadn't said “YES” to this deeper calling?


It makes me cry thinking of what my life would be like if I had taken the path that was handed to me by MDs when I was young - to just medicate myself so I didn’t have to feel the pain.


(I am not against pain medications. They can be very helpful and necessary tools when used mindfully.)


It can be so common for pharmaceuticals to become a pathway to disconnect - from our sensations, our emotions, our bodies…and our personal responsibility to get to the root of *why* something isn’t right. 


When we place the responsibility for our health and happiness completely outside of ourselves, it feels like the agency to do anything about it is out of our hands.


To awaken my own healing, I had to:

Give up my ignorance.

Give up the expectation that anyone would “save” me.

Surrender my allegiance to apathy and complacency.


It was my willingness to journey into the heart of my own suffering and stick with it that provided the keys to my liberation. 


When I realized how powerful I am in creating my experience and my sensations, it became crystal clear that this is the work I was born to do: to heal myself and help people connect to their healer within.

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The power to shape your life is rooted in learning how to access and cultivate a profound connection with yourself. 


Once you learn how to stay connected to yourself and the present moment - in times of joy and in times of challenge, through your suffering and through your intention - everything can become a portal to return to your wholeness.


Layer upon layer of pain and obstacles to living a happy and joyous life can fall away.


Leaving behind pearls of wisdom and insight that hold the essence of the medicine you need to heal yourself.


This is how health issues resolve.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Maybe you’re saying, “that sounds amaaazing! I’d love to have more time for myself, but that’s impossible.”


A: As a mother of a toddler in a pandemic without childcare who owns her own business I can tell you, it is not only possible to carve out time for self-care, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL. We are our own most precious, irreplaceable resource. When we are caretakers of children or elders, or if we hold prominent positions of leadership that affect the lives and livelihood of others, our health should be at the forefront of our priorities. Because if we don’t have support in place for our self-care and time blocked off on our schedule, when life gets overwhelming and stress gets too high, our health will suffer if we don’t have ways to re-connect and re-calibrate.


Being able to do our own healing work is hugely empowering, saves time and is an invaluable skill that prevents unnecessary suffering and pain. Honestly, the sooner someone learns and masters these skills life just gets better.


Q: What kinds of self-care and healing practices will you be teaching?


A: Qi gong, martial arts exercises for self-cultivation, breathing exercises, meditation practices and whatever practices will be most helpful for the people in the container.


Practices for regulating the nervous system and re-programming our trauma response.


I’ll be sharing the practices and guide you through them together so you can feel confident doing them safely on your own. I will also share some of the science behind how they work.


Q: What makes Shanti (aka Jessica Giese-Gardner, L.Ac., MTCM) uniquely qualified to teach you how to amplify your inner healing potential?

  • I will draw upon 10 solid years of study under my teachers in Qigong and martial arts with continued weekly practice over the past 7 years. 

  • I have been a student of transcendental meditation and mindfulness based practices for the past 23 years. 

  • I have been a student, practitioner, and teacher of the wisdom of Chinese medicine for the past 14 years. 

  • I am a student and practitioner of Craniosacral therapy for the past 12 years. 

  • I am a student and practitioner of Jin Shou Tuina for the past 12 years. (“Golden Hand” Tuina is a very potent form of Chinese medical massage that is from a pristine lineage passed down directly from teacher to student). I became part of this lineage after a 2 year apprenticeship in martial arts, Jin Shou Tuina, and Craniosacral Therapy.

  • I have been a yoga practitioner for the past 25 years. 

  • I have been a devoted student on the healing path for more than 25 years. 

  • I have a long time fascination with healing and what helps people to connect to themselves and to their truth. 

  • I have a long time fascination with exploring language and how language affects our self-awareness and ability to relate to ourselves and relate in community. My thesis in my undergraduate work explored conscious use of language as a means to affect social change through self-awareness and how we show up in community. 

  • I have done deep healing work for over 25 years, working with chronic health issues I inherited from my lineage. My own health issues brought me to the healing path and have kept me inspired because I have personally experienced so much transformation in my own life and in the lives of those I have the honor and privilege to work with.


Q: What if the time of the video call doesn’t work for my schedule?


A: Don’t worry. We’ve got you! The video calls will be recorded and emailed to everyone in the group. 


Q: I can’t make the video calls. Is it even worth it for me to participate in the group?


A: If you want to become more sovereign in your ability to to heal and love yourself more deeply, this group is for you! If you work with the content in this course and make it a way of life, the investment of your time and effort will be a gift that keeps giving for years to come.


You will have access to the teachings and self-care practices, the online forum, and be connected to an intimate group of men and women who are also committed to doing their healing work.


Even if you can make it to the live call, you might want to watch the videos again because these self-care practices are ones you will probably want to do regularly. They become more potent and profound the more you do them!


The forum is a wonderful place to stay connected to the energy of the group and stay present in sharing challenges and celebrations in your journey to better self-care and self-love. 


Q: Why is this in a group format?


A: When we heal in community, other people's healing can inspire our healing. And our healing can become a catalyst for other people’s healing. Our collective healing also becomes amplified and more powerful as we weave together. 


Healing in a group can help you feel in your bones and every cell in your body that you are not alone. All humans suffer. It can be very healing to know that there are other phenomenal humans who struggle with their health, too.


Doing personal healing work in community helps us to regularly get inspired and stay committed because of seeing other people continually showing up to do the hard work. We can gather strength in witnessing others and being witnessed ourselves. We all have so much wisdom. We have so much to learn and share with one another. This will serve as a powerful forum for us to grow and heal together. 

Your guide: Jessica "Shanti Ma" Giese-Gardner, LAc, MTCM

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