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Abundant Heaven's Healing Membership
Online Portal Opening Soon

be the first to know when doors open to our monthly healing membership!

Join the Waitlist:

Thanks for signing up for the waitlist! You will be the first to know when our membership platform is live.

We will soon be launching a monthly membership program that includes an online video learning platform, live monthly calls and healing community. And in-person retreats to gather together in healing ways.

Healing is both inner work and happens in relationship to and with others.

We will be offering information, techniques, and invitations to explore your relationship to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit - as these are really inseparable. If we affect a part of the self, in essence, we affect the whole.

In over 10 years of pouring our love into our clinic and working 1 on 1 with almost 2,000 people, we have noticed the growing need for people to be able to heal together.

For us to be witnessed and to see and feel others in their healing journey.


To know we are not alone and really feel that in our bones.


To have our beauty and courage reflected back to us.


To inhabit and co-create a safe space to be vulnerable and authentic.


To embrace our humanity and all that we hold dear.

And a place to make new friends who are also on the healing path where we can support one another and share the abundance and challenges of life together!

While we work to get the membership set up, you can sign up for the waitlist above to be the first to know when it is live!

We are excited to support you and gather in this way!

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