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Orthopedic Massage

Experience the Benefits of Tuina - Orthopedic Massage

One of the modalities utilized in our practice, Tuina (pronounced “Tway Nah”) is medically informed manual therapy that has been used in China to treat disease and promote health for over 2,000 years.  Tui-na literally translates into English as “pushing” and “grasping” and refers to manual therapy techniques used to manipulate the body’s soft tissues.  Being a form of manual therapy, meta analysis of manual therapies shows that they are effective for all kinds of pain, especially pain due to injury, strain, or psycho-emotional stress. [1]  In addition, due to the intercommunication of tissues and because of the way the nervous system responds to stimulation, medical massage can benefit the various organ systems to encourage healthy function.[2, 3]

Tuina - medical massage on the abdomen
Tuina - medical massage on the lower leg
Tuina - Medical Massage on the back
Manual therapies are observed to be effective in treating a wide variety of complaints:
  • Pain management (chronic and acute) [4 , 5, 25]

  • Recovery & rehabilitation (trauma, injury, & surgery) [27]

  • Limited range of movement, stiffness & immobility [6, 7, 2815]

  • Gynecological complaints (dysmenorrhea, PMS) [8, 9, 10]

  • Digestive complaints [11, 16]

  • Decreased circulation and neuropathy [13, 14]

  • Common cold, allergies, sinusitis [17, 18]

  • Headaches and migraines [19, 20, 24] 

  • Stress and anxiety [12, 21, 22] 

  • Insomnia [23, 26]

Tuina, or Chinese medical massage, is a stand-alone therapy which is effectively combined with acupuncture, herbal medicine, Craniosacral therapy and other modalities we utilize to create enhanced therapeutic results.  It is a primary modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); both are governed by the same theory and principles and informed by our understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Practically any condition that can be treated with acupuncture can also be treated with Tuina. In some cases, Tuina is the preferred treatment, particularly in cases of needle phobia, in infants and young children or when acupuncture alone is not enough.

The practice of Tuina involves a wide range of techniques that function as therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, including assessment of imaging studies, as well as orthopedic and neurological assessments. Patient recovery involves manual techniques, rehabilitation exercises, patient education and other therapeutic advice.

Our medical massage services in Campbell, California are extremely effective for most medical complaints.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with us, feel free to call our office today at 408-628-1888.

Medical Disclaimer:

While current research does support massage for the treatment of a wide variety of complaints for pain and other disease [see references and research linked above], the following descriptions of the mechanism of massage are still being studied.


We have seen in our studies and clinical practice that manual therapy has the following effect on the body, but note that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, or any other medical authority and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  Please consult with a licensed acupuncturist, medical doctor, or physical therapist to see if manual therapy is appropriate for your condition.

Tuina techniques are applied to:
  • Decrease pain, improve recovery time & encourage complete recovery

  • Circulate blood & restore healthy movement of body fluids

  • Reduce swelling & promote lymphatic drainage

  • Lubricate joints & increase range of motion

  • Decrease calcification & adhesions in joints and soft tissue

  • Reduce restrictions in joints, fascia, muscle, connective tissue, tendons & nerve sheaths

  • Relax muscles, tendons & ligaments to correct structure and realign posture

  • Relieve neurovascular compression

  • Improve mobility of joints and flexibility of connective tissues

  • Promote physiological relaxation and stress reduction

  • Increase subjective energy level and capacity to do work, enjoy life, etc.

  • Improve immune response

Manual techniques used in Tuina include:
  • Passive joint mobilization

  • Assisted stretching

  • Myofascial and tendino-muscular release

  • Acupressure on trigger points, acupuncture points and acupuncture channels

  • Soft-tissue mobilization (stretching, compression, decompression, rocking, shaking, vibration, percussion, friction, deep tissue massage)

  • Lymphatic drainage

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