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Herbal Medicine Consultation

Our herbal pharmacy is here to support your health.

We have an extensive herbal pharmacy that we use to support our hands-on treatments or to help people exclusively with Chinese Herbal medicine.


Click here to see a list of conditions we have treated using the herbs in our pharmacy


For the time being, due to 'Shelter In Place' guidelines, our main clinic is closed to in-person appointments but we now offer phone or video consultations. 


We will continue to provide herbal support to all of our existing patients and are currently accepting new patients looking for support. 


If you have a formula from another provider, we require you schedule a consultation with us before we will refill or adjust the prescription.


Schedule an herbal consultation:


Process for an online consultation:

  1. Request a time for an appointment through the online calendar

  2. Wait for confirmation of the appointment time via email

  3. Once your appointment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with the date and time and details of how to access the video or call during your appointment.

  4. Fill out the online questionnaire to get basic details (if you’re an existing patient) or an extended health questionnaire (if you’re a new patient).


What you will receive in an online consultation:

  • Expert Assessment: We review your health and any symptoms or concerns you would like support in addressing.

  • Custom Treatment Plan: We co-create a custom herbal and supplement treatment plan where we empower your health.

  • Empowerment: We give you evidence-based recommendations for things you can do right now to shift your health in a positive direction. 


  • If you’d like additional levels of support, other recommendations can include:

    • How to optimize diet and align your lifestyle to support your health goals and ensure you are not unconsciously sabotaging your health in the choices you’re making

    • Herbal and/or caffeinated teas with specific health properties

    • Customized qi-gong exercise instruction and meditation prescriptions


  • We Deliver: We deliver your custom herbal formulas and supplements directly to your door using USPS priority shipping which for many Bay Area locations arrives next business day.


  • Cost: $96 for a 30 minute OR $190 for a 60 minute video or phone consultation



  • Herbal formulas, supplements, products and teas are charged separately


  • Shipping cost will be calculated based on weight, location and desired shipping speed. We can give estimates of shipping costs upon request before finalizing any order. 

  • An invoice will be sent online via Square.

  • You pay for the invoice at the end of our call and then we package up and ship out your order.


If you are feeling overwhelmed with information and are not sure what to do, we recommend scheduling a consultation online.


We are offering some evening and weekend appointments to stay flexible and meet the needs of our community in these challenging times. 


All of our herbal products have been batch tested for safety, passing strict standards and controls to prevent contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticide residue, bacteria, fungi, etc.  Curious about the details of the safety of our Chinese herbal products and formulas? Click here for information on our herbal screening and safety testing.

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