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Come join me for a free Masterclass

"Activate Your Healer Within"

Who Are We

This is for you - if you...

🙅 rebel against self-care because you struggle with discipline.


🤷 know you need better self-care but are at a loss of what to do.


💖 LOVE self-care and are looking for that next leveling up into deeper, fuller self-love.


💪 already do self-care but are looking for super potent practices that make your self-care more efficient and powerful.


😦 forget what to do when you are in distress (even though you know what you could do, something is stopping you from doing it when you need it the most.)


If your desire to feel better in your body conflicts with your lifestyle, stop sabotaging yourself.


✨ It’s time to re-write the stories you tell yourself about who you are and what you are able to do. ✨



Do you long for a feeling of spaciousness that says, “you’ve worked all day long, made dinner, done dishes, and now it is YOU time. Tell me your heart's desires and let’s make magic happen!”


Are you ready to reprogram that little nagging voice that says, “Yeah, you worked all day, but it doesn’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything. How are you going to get ahead when you aren’t giving your all?”


Ugh! Whose voice is that? It is definitely not the voice of your inner wisdom.


Your inner healing intelligence knows the profound wisdom of balance / harmony - of knowing how to dig deep into your wellspring of inspiration, to be fully present in your work and relationships and how to relax in surrender like someone who is completely fulfilled with gratitude for a life well lived.


Your inner wisdom knows that “giving it your all” is a fastrak to adrenal failure and burnout.


The power to shape your life is rooted in learning how to access and cultivate a profound connection with yourself.


Once you learn how to stay connected to yourself and the present moment - in times of joy and in times of challenge, through your suffering and through your intention - everything can become a portal to return to your wholeness.


Layer upon layer of pain and obstacles to living a happy, healthy, and joyous life can fall away.


Leaving behind pearls of wisdom and insight that hold the essence of the medicine you need to heal yourself.

In this free masterclass, you'll learn:


*how to decipher the signals your body is always sending you so you know what you need


*how to give to yourself so your body, mind and emotions can drink deeply of the exact medicine they long for


*how to create positive feedback loops where you get larger and larger returns on your investment of self-care and self-love


*two of the most powerful (and quick) ways to feel better everyday


You are your own most valuable resource. Treat yourself accordingly!

Join Us!

This class was a live class that was held on August 24, 2023. Sign up below to receive the recording and to be notified of other free classes and offerings in the future.

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