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Going Deeper Treatment Immersion Days

These "Going Deeper" Treatment Immersion days are perfect for creating powerful shifts to re-align and reset after intense experiences or periods of prolonged stress.


And for when you are ready to make larger changes in your life and need a more concentrated infusion of aligned support.

They are a time and space to create the foundation for new habits,

for clearing what is no longer wanted,

and for strongly calling in what is.

For the treatment immersions, everything is dialed in before our day together.

We collaborate and come up with a plan to create something that feels deeply nourishing and supportive based on the challenges or goals coming up for you right now.


These immersions are for you if:

  • You are going through significant life or health challenges and looking for a potent infusion of support.

  • You are looking for more guidance and support in your healing journey and are ready and willing to make deeper changes towards wellness.

  • You are self-care curious, or an advanced self-care practitioner (all levels are welcome here!)

  • You want some seriously delicious body-work, nervous system balancing acupuncture, and spaciousness to deeply relax and reset while being completely held in a safe container.

Let's start to envision a new model for how health looks and feels for you

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"The perfect day of healing"

“In preparation for a day-long treatment immersion, we had a thorough phone call the week before. Shanti kept excellent notes of our conversation and my list of concerns and health issues. Based on our call, she put together the perfect day of healing for me. It is rare to find this level of personalized care and attention to detail. Her focus, compassion, empathy, and vast healing knowledge was evident and very much appreciated. I truly felt cared for all day and I continue to feel uplifted and reap the benefits from that day.”

Han-Yu Loo

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Treatment Immersion Options:

"Re-Focus" Treatment Immersion 1/2 Day (4 hours):

  • Opening ritual*

  • 45 min. personalized self-healing exercise instruction (Qi Gong, nervous system regulation, healing practices)

  • 1.5 - 2 hour treatment

  • 45 min. Integration after treatment: sharing of insight & wisdom council

  • Closing ritual*

  • A detailed follow-up email outlining any other recommendations we discussed and further guidance

Investment: $800

"Re-Align" Treatment Immersion Full Day (8 hours):

  •  Opening ritual*

  •  45 min. personalized self-healing exercise instruction (Qi Gong, nervous system regulation, healing practices)

  •  1.5 - 2 hour treatment

  •  Optional 20-30 minutes of rest / nap

  •  45 min. extended health consultation during or after lunch: sharing of insight & wisdom council

  •  Includes a healthy & delicious catered lunch (share any dietary restrictions and preferences)

  •  30 min. Walk and time in nature or light movement (qi gong)

  •  30 min. guided meditation practice

  •  1 hour treatment

  •  Final integration / wisdom council

  •  Closing ritual*

  •  A detailed follow-up email outlining any other recommendations we discussed and further guidance

Investment: $1500

This is a typical format for the treatment immersions.


Any specific requests?

I would love to collaborate in creating something super special for YOU!

*Opening and closing ritual is completely dialed in with you in advance. It can be a non-denominational prayer, a guided meditation, a visualization, breath-work, or speaking outloud your deepest desires for your health while being witnessed with compassion.

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"Powerful gift of healing"

“I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for the powerful gift of healing that Jessica has clearly been given. I have experienced a dramatic improvement in symptoms--some of which have been lingering for close to a decade--and with it, a major increase in my overall happiness and well-being. She has always been very gentle and encouraging in her approach, which I believe has helped me to feel safe and ease more deeply into the healing work.”

Dena Zlotziver, M.Ed., RYT

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For New Patients / New People to working with me:

An additional $250 for an extended 1 hour initial phone consultation

(charged separately)


For Existing Patients:

If you have been in the clinic within the past month, no preliminary consult is required.


If you haven't been in for 3 months or longer, or if there have been significant changes in your health, we will schedule a preliminary consult to make sure your treatment day will be the most nourishing and supportive considering where your health is now.


Treatment Immersion Days are scheduled on the calendar once they are paid in full.

Any questions? Let's chat!

*Options for multiple day Treatment Immersion are available.


Email to inquire about creating something super customized for you at jessica (@) abundant-heaven (dot) com

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"Everyone deserves to feel this good"

"Magical Shanti Ma is a gift from Heaven.  As a sufferer of chronic back pain for over 30 years and having tried multiple modalities in the past, I was starting to wonder if I would ever get deep relief.  As an integrative physician myself, I know that pain is multifactorial and multi-dimensional, from bio-mechanical to environmental and energetic layers to pain itself.  Anyone suffering from chronic pain has to be pro-active in their own healing.


I did a deep dive with Shanti. After the morning session, I came to a point of felt safety in my body that I had never felt before, EVER. And she hadn’t even put one needle in yet!  By the end of the day, I was bordering on an altered state of consciousness.  I no longer felt scared and was no longer fighting myself in my body. I felt grace.


What I love about Shanti is that she has multiple modalities. Other acupuncturists will leave the room after putting needles in, but she will stay and use sound healing, cranial-sacral or other modalities while the needles are in to maximize the body’s healing.  She held me with such tenderness that I had never felt before, by anyone. I realized I deserve to feel this good. Everyone deserves to feel this good."

Deborah Chong, MD, Holistic Gynecologist

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"She's given me hope that I can do something about this"

“Jessica’s work has changed my life. She has brought my pain levels down from 7 (out of 10) to near zero. No, it wasn't instantaneous, but we worked together to figure out what things worked and what didn't. Maybe just as important as the lessened pain is the hope she’s given me that I can do something about this without surgery.”

Christine H.

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Your guide: Jessica "Shanti Ma" Giese-Gardner, LAc, MTCM

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I have done deep healing work for over 25 years, working with chronic health issues I inherited from my lineage.

My own health issues brought me to the healing path.

My on-going personal transformation and the healing in the lives of those I have the honor and privilege to work with keeps me focused and inspired.

My life mission is to understand and decode the mysteries of the body and mind.

I have practiced yoga for 25 years.

I have been a student of meditation and mindfulness for 23 years.

I have been a student, practitioner, and teacher of the wisdom of Chinese medicine for the past 14 years. And I’m a geek for research and love learning how the body works!

I have been a student and practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy for 12 years.

I am a lineage holder of an amazing form of Chinese Orthopedic Massage that I have been practicing for 12 years.

I trained in martial arts for 7 solid years and Qi gong for 17 years.

I have grown a thriving private practice with my best friend and the love of my life, treating patients for the past 9 years.

And now it is time for me to share more of what has transformed my life and health and the well-being of almost 1000 people I have personally worked with.

In devotion to my healing, your healing, and our healing.



"Jessica is a miracle worker"

“Jessica is a miracle worker. She listens intently to thoroughly understand the complexity of her patient's needs and intuitively addresses the issue at its core. Her depth of knowledge coupled with her gentle disposition is an invaluable resource. She encourages and helps us take better care of ourselves...without any pressure of course - only as each of us are ready and open to learn.”

Bob D.

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