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The Year of the Water Rabbit
Insights and Reflections Inspired by the Turning of the Year

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There is a great turning of the year and it holds gifts for you.

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Each new year is a turning of the great wheel of time - every year is a renewing and repeating of the natural cycles. It is All that Is, our planet, Heaven and Earth churning forth new days, new years, new worlds.


The turning of the year brings forth gifts for you.


Each new year starts with an opportunity to remember - remember that change is happening - within you - and all around you. 


I invite you to take a moment with me, in gratitude and reflection in order to receive the gifts and benefit from this opportune moment. 


Watch and listen and give space to this great turning.


Take time to receive.


Witness the powerful churning of creation - the turning of the annual cycles - the new  year.


Observe how Winter gives way to Spring and releases new life, new opportunity, new vision, new hope.


Feel the changing light.


Feel the turning of the planet around the Sun, marking timeless time as it opens life and Fate like knots, gripping patterns of the past unraveling. 


The knots of Fate open  - like hands filled with gifts - gifts of insight, healing, and freedom.


There is fuel here in observing this transition from one year to the next - fuel for your life journey. 


The Yin Water of this coming year feeds and gives wide open spaciousness to the Yin Wood qualities of Rabbit - the exciting awareness of opportunities, visions, dreams and insights.


The Rabbit - Yin Wood is a mesh network of connecting lines moving outward, looking for all inspired possibilities.


It is the killer instinct of Tiger turning gently inward for cooperation and the promise of abundant fruits and stronger foundations. 


It is the hunter remembering the warmth of home as it appears on the horizon.


It is the soft and non-empty space between that connects and is filled with fruits.


It is the new, delicate but steadily maturing process of change that we find ourselves in.


There is nourishment in celebrating this turning into Yin Water Rabbit. 


It is time to reinvent yourself. 


Reinvent yourself in community - in connection.


This is what the Rabbit invites you to do.


It is time to dream - together.

Relationship Between Spaces
The way I approach this material is more like a cognitive exercise or a therapy session, as opposed to regurgitating generic astrological patterns at you.

Each person contains all zodiac aspects within them, to varying degrees. Chinese astrology has many different systems which assign different astrological signs/symbols to various dimensions of self.


I won't be giving you a reading of one superficial layer of your rich and complex sense of self. I will give you a deep sense of what they year is highlighting within our inner world of symbols and meaning and how that connects to natural cycles.


My wish is that hearing and reflecting on this material through the lens of the symbolic imagery of calendrical cycles opens opportunities and insights that are useful in your life.


I offer it as a collaborative and shared internal reflection session to reveal connections and work through internal experiences of the outer world. 


It is an exercise in bringing forth clarity so you may act with confidence and create more freely.


In reading and experiencing my interpretation of the Water Rabbit, you will reflect on the cycles of our external world in such a way to bring about self transformation and self-realization.


By doing this inner work, you are also bringing about trans-personal realization. You are connecting deeply with a symbolic network that connects us with each other and the world around us.


If you enjoy this initial preview of my reading of the turning into Water Rabbit - 2023 and want more information and insight into what 2023 holds for us all, sign up for the release of the recording and full write-up, which will be available soon after the first day of Lunar New Year, January 22, 2023. 

This is a great way to prepare for a deeper and  more personalized fate assessment using Ziwei Doushu - Polestar astrology. I will be offering a special promotion in the recording and write-up.

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"Michael’s approach is highly academic and he provides me with an extensive report in each session for us to review together. This single feature is very unique to any of my other personal experiences with astrology and in that sense I have never encountered an astrologer who dedicated so much time and effort to their craft.

The Pole Star system he practices has been invaluable to cultivating my relationship to the world and I consult Michael at the beginning of every Chinese New Year to glean wisdom from his interpretation of the years’ coming astrological influences. I have gained so much from working with Michael that I am now sending my patients to work with him so we may incorporate their astral readings in the development of their wellness plans."

- Paul Robison, L.Ac.

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