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"Yuan Ye" (lit. Primordial Leaf) is Fu brick tea fermented in 2013. Made by the Yi Qing Yuan tea factory in An Hua county of Hunan province. Special traditional fermentation process gives the tea a mellow, sweet and spicy taste. Golden Yellow spores called "golden flowers" have been allowed to flourish just after pressing, which gives this Fu Brick a unique taste and feeling.

This is from the 2013 harvest and production - we've had it in-stock for a few years as it is a favorite of Jessica and many of our clients.  The tea leaf is grown and produced in An Hua County of Hunan Province, China.

Primordial Leaf - 'Fu Cha' Brick Tea - 2013 - 2 oz.

  • Brew roughly 2 teaspoons of leaf in a container that allows the leaf to expand and open up.  Steep with water around 195 to 200 degree F water for 1 minute.  Re-steep at least 3-4 times to get the most from this tea.

    Use RO (reverse osmosis) or distilled water to brew the best-tasting tea.

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