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Spring harvest, "silver needle", white tea from the mountains of Simao are richly infused with high quality Yunnan grown jasmine flowers. This year's batch is loaded with extra jasmine flowers.


This white jasmine is a nice balanced sweet jasmine tea with notes of sugarcane and fruit. Naturally processed from start to finish. Absolutely divine drink!   This tea makes a very transcendant drink!

Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea - 2 oz.

$20.00 Regular Price
$16.50Sale Price
  • Recommended water temperature: 170-180°F

    Brewing Guide:

    • 1st infusion: 30-60 Seconds
    • 2nd infusion: 60 seconds
    • 3rd: 90 seconds

    * We highly recommend Reverse Osmosis or distilled water to enjoy the full range of aromas and flavors this tea has to offer.

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