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This is a very lovely very of our favorite oolong that is "dehydrated" instead of roasted, helping it retain a refreshing, grassy sweetness.


The story of this famous tea recounts that when some farmers planted a new tea garden in Ping Keng Tou village, they named the garden yā shǐ or “Duck Shit” to prevent others from stealing their amazing aromatic tea genetics. This 2023 Spring harvest was only lightly oxidized, retaining some of it's fresh, grassy sweetness. It continues to display the usual brilliant orchid floral aroma, as well as sweet honey and dried longan fruit notes.

"Duck Shit Fragrance" single-estate tea belongs to the category of Wuyi Single-Estate. It was selected from natural hybrid offspring of the Phoenix Water Narcissus population on Fenghuang Mountain through single-plant screening. It is asexually propagated, grows as a small tree, has medium-sized leaves, and belongs to the medium bud category.

Phoenix Dan Cong teas are a special group of oolong tea varietals produced in Fenghuang “Phoenix” Mountain, a coastal region celebrated for its mineral-rich soils, foggy climate and rocky landscape. The region is famous for the highly expressive and unique tea developed from careful cultivation over many generations. These teas are named after a xiang or “fragrant” strain of oolong due to their highly aromatic qualities. Descriptions of these teas illustrate how they mimic the aromas of various fragrant flowers and fruits, like tuberose, honey, orchids, or almond flowers while others' names are derived from stories from the farmers.

King of Duck Shit Dan Cong Oolong Tea - 2023 - 2 oz.

  • Recommended water temperature: 190-200°F
    Optional: Rinse briefly one time with hot water (to open leaves)

    Brewing Guide:

    • 1st infusion: 20 Seconds
    • 2nd infusion: 30 seconds
    • 3rd: 1 minute
    • 4+: add 15 seconds per infusion.

    * We highly recommend Reverse Osmosis or distilled water to enjoy the full range of aromas and flavors this tea has to offer.

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