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紫微斗數 - Zi Wei Dou Shu 

I, Michael Brown, have been studying Chinese astrology for a full 12 years now. I am also a licensed California acupuncturist and Doctor of Acuuncture and Chinese medicine.  Much of my study and research as a medical professional and astrologer has looked at the overlap of fate and the body (genetics/inherited health/disease).


One should understand that there are large differences between Western and Chinese astrology; Chinese astrology is a mathematically-based system of calculations originally based in the movements of stars. It was simplified into a numerological system once they realized that the stars 'wobble' as everything wobbles and reflects the inherent inconsistency of exactness in nature.  Using the statistical averages of the relative context of natural planetary and Earthly cycles, a system of interpretation was developed and an accompanying art of reading these cycles developed.


The Chinese astrological viewpoint looks at and reveals meaning from the data of a natal or "birth" chart.  This system looks at the interplay of an individual's relative fate and freedom; the dance of a person's character/tendencies/capacities and the cycles of freedom/fate/opportunity.  It assumes that we are born into a mixture of predetermined and undetermined circumstances and that these can be read by a system of calculations.


Polestar astrology reveals a person's 'fate'/'freedom'. Sometimes there is a 'heavy' fate: a person has a lot to 'unravel' (e.g. a difficult childhood, un-caring parents, learning disability, etc.). Other times an individual has a 'light' fate and is free or less restricted, allowing relative openness and opportunity.


Zi Wei Dou Shu is helpful for evaluating one's life, reviewing one's circumstances and exploring possible outcomes or situations/people to avoid.  It can be especially helpful during the new year or at major points in one's life, to reflect on life and it's unfolding.


When I do a chart/reading for someone, I generate a personalized report (6-10 pages) and go over it with you for 1.5-2 hours.  


All clients must have an initial Natal Chart reading prior to any Progression/Transit Readings.


The reading and the report provide an in-dept reading of your character/'Inner Nature' and your Fate through the twelve houses, or twelve major areas of one's life:

◉ destiny/life-story/personal approach/genetic patterns
◉ childhood/sibling relationships
◉ spouse/romantic relationships
◉ children/offspring/pregnancy/fertility
◉ money/cash-flow/debt patterns
◉ health/longevity/life-death/medical response
◉ travel/career-path/relationship to outside world & society
◉ relationships to assistants/allies/teammates/clients
◉ superiors/fulfillment of career/trajectory of work-life
◉ property/relationship to physical space/place/ownership
◉ pleasure/enjoyment/leisure/inner inspirations
◉ ancestral/parents/past/inheritance/genetics


❂ The document that comes with this purchase is simply a sample.

Polestar Reading - Transit Reading

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