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Our "Pure Gold" is a partially oxidized tea that lands into a rare class of tea - "Yellow Tea". This Yellow Tea is a classic blend of Yunkang #10 and Xue Ya #100 varietals grown at an altitude of 1300 meters on the southern slope of Ma Wei Mountain, in Yunnan.


In other words, it’s unique, super rare, and something special, which is what we love.


Its processing is similar to black tea but with shorter sun withering and oxidization stages, stopping some of the chemical changes that differentiate black tea from green tea. It maintains some of the same aromatic and flavor intensity as black tea but with a softened delicacy. With a sweet and complex taste featuring caramelized stone fruits, honey, floral and chocolate notes, this tea is truly lovely.

Oh - and it is certified organic.

Organic Pure Gold - Yellow Tea - 2 oz

$22.25 Regular Price
$20.03Sale Price
  • This tea can be brewed 6 to 8 times gong fu style, and is certified organic by EcoCert SA.

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