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This tea is the result of decades of natural crossbreeding and careful cultivation. This has some similarities to our 'Purple Needle' wild Assamica, but it's entirely different.


This is a truly unique blend of flavors and qualities of some of our favorite teas: the perfume-like floral aroma of Phoenix oolongs, the umami comfort of roasted oolongs, the cleansing bitterness of green teas, and the sweet fruitiness of wild Assam teas (e.g. Purple Needle, purple tea).


It is a transportive tea experience with very high anthocyanin levels, the antioxidants regarded for their potential to offset chronic oxidative stress that impacts our nervous and cardiovascular systems. They give these buds their rich purple color that brews a wild greyish green and copper brew.


We hope you enjoy this tea and are excited to bring it to you.

Purple Beauty - Purple & Green Tea - 2 oz

  • As with all tea, we recommend using Reverse Osmosis or distilled water for optimal flavor and brewing of these fine teas.

    For this tea, brew a large pinch of leaves (~ 0.5-1 tablespoons) with water around 175-185 F for 30-60 seconds, for the first steeping.  Subsequent steepings can be brewed around 60-90 seconds, depending on how strong you want the tea.

    Because of the anthcyanins, this tea can easily become very bitter, so be careful not to brew with water that is overly hot or for too long.  If it gets too bitter, add some honey.

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