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Ripened, aged puerh tea leaf, King mandarin orange rind


This ripe puerh tea has been aged at least 3 years inside a small mandarin orange, imbuing the elevating citrus aroma into the rich tea leaf.  This is a personal favorite of Michael at the clinic, mainly due to the beautiful and unique mandarin orange essential oil aroma and his favorite ripe puerh all-in-one.


Please note that the aging process causes the oils from the peel to form a white frost on the peel. This is not mold. We won't take returns or offer refunds for this quality of this tea. It's a feature not a flaw!

Ripe King Mandarin Pu'erh

  • Break off portions of the mandarin rind and combine it to roughly 1-2 teaspoons worth of tea leaf into your brewing container.

    Boil distilled or reverse-osmosis water (ideal for flavor), and let tea steep for around 1 minute.

    Re-steep at least 2 times for the full value of this precious tea.

  • These mandarins have a white powdery substance on their surface - this is the crystalized oils of the mandarin peel. It is not mold.

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