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Ripened, aged puerh tea leaf, tangerine rind


This ripe puerh tea has been aged at least 4 years inside a small tangerine, imbuing the rich, camphorous pu'erh with a slightly bitter sweet tangerine aroma and flavor. The aged tangerine peel is a classic Chinese herbal medicine, 'Chen Pi' used to aid in improved digestion and abdominal comfort. The combination of pu'erh and aged tangerine peel is perfect for helping relieve bloating after meals, improves fat metabolism/digestion, and is typically easier on the stomach and intestines than other teas.**


Please note: Each stuffed tangerine is individually wrapped and weighs about 25 grams but can vary.


Also note that the aging process causes the oils from the peel to form a white frost on the peel. This is not mold. We won't take returns or offer refunds for this quality of this tea. It's a feature not a flaw!



** The information provided herein is for educational purposes only, is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, and has not been evaluated by the FDA; please consult with a healthcare professional before using our product.

Tangerine Stuffed with 4 Years Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea

  • Break off portions of the mandarin rind and combine it to roughly 1-2 teaspoons worth of tea leaf into your brewing container.

    Boil distilled or reverse-osmosis water (ideal for flavor), and let tea steep for around 1 minute.

    Re-steep at least 2 times for the full value of this precious tea.

  • These mandarins have a white powdery substance on their surface - this is the crystalized oils of the mandarin peel. It is not mold.

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