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Misusing antibiotics? Needing a safe, effective alternative? Consider Chinese Herbal Medicine.

So I was reading a Medscape article about the inappropriate use of antibiotics, particularly in cases of pneumonia occurring in children. The article is titled 'Inappropriate Antibiotic Use for Pneumonia Common' and reviews recent research showing that doctors continue to inappropriately prescribe antibiotics for cases of pneumonia. From the article: "Inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics is a persistent problem in medicine, despite known harms, Dr Hersh and Dr Kronman explain. In some cases, physicians choose to prescribe antibiotics for conditions, such as viral infections, for which they provide little benefit. In fact, 30% of all antibiotics prescribed to outpatients fall into this unnecessary category. In other cases, physicians may choose a broad-spectrum antibiotic when a more targeted one would do; they also may prescribe the medication for too long or order intravenous therapy when oral treatment is sufficient. All kinds of antibiotic misuse contribute to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant infections and expose patients to unnecessary costs and potential complications.

Now we jump to another study, looking at "Additive Effect of Natural Herbal Medicine on SARS or SARS-like Infectious Diseases", where we take a look at one of the solutions being utilized in parts of the world where plant-based medications are commonly integrated into everyday medical treatment strategies, from small clinics to hospitals. The study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study organized through Taipei Hospital and in conjunction with a number of research hospitals in Taiwan and China, places where they already utilize herbal medicine in conjunction with conventional medical protocols for cancer, infectious disease, liver disease, stroke, and more. While the sample was too small to make any convincing or final statements, it did show, "The main outcome measurements were the improving chest radiographic scores (IRS) and the duration (days) till improvement." Ultimately integrating herbal medicine into treatment for non-critically-ill patients is safe, effective and warrants more studies of this quality.

With thousands of years of application and efficacy, and uses of herbal medicine in treating HIV, or as antimicrobial agents, herbal medicine is a treatment protocol we utilize in our clinic and can provide guidance with. We assess our patients' symptoms, current medications, and general health concerns when we are prescribing herbal medicine. If you are having trouble with a viral infection and your doctor is appropriately not prescribing antibiotics, or if you have a persistent set of symptoms related to any kind of infection, we can target symptoms, restore health to a depleted system, and help you recover fully, without dragging on for weeks and weeks after an upper respiratory infection.

You can request an appointment on our website or call us at 408-628-1888 to discuss your concerns and health challenges.

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