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The Gut-Brain connection as a model for holistic and functional medicine.

The human body is very complex and is made even more complex when you include the symbiotic and interrelated exchanges between our bodies and the living body of life that is called the 'microbiome' in our intestines. Recent research continues to point to a bi-directional relationship between our gut (and the organisms that inhabit it) and our mental health, among other things, such as foods we prefer.

Research is repeatedly showing that psychological stress can alter and negatively affect the health of the microbiome and therefore, the gut and our digestive functions. (1) The health of our microbiome and gut can have a direct affect on our mental health, ability to handle stress, and long term cognitive function.

We enjoy this area of research as it continues to explore the complex dynamic between the human body, its various systems (digestive, neurological, cardiovascular, immune, endocrine), and the external world we interact with (environment, stress, diet). It strongly supports a holistic and functional view of the human body and health care, which is the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As acupuncturists, herbalists, and CranioSacral therapists, we support an assessment and approach to health that aims to support the integrity of the whole body and its interrelated functional systems. If you want true health care and wellness, we offer it with our approach to medicine.

With our attention and care, we will help you assess the best approach to your complaints, whether that is a combination of standard pharmaceutical treatment, conventional treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, physical therapy, etc), acupuncture, herbal medicine, manual therapies, corrective exercises, dietary changes, and/or mental health therapies. Our goal is to see our patients properly treated, well cared for, and ultimately feeling better. We do not discriminate against any one form of treatment, but always aim for the complete and fullest recovery of our patients.

We also perform $25 ear acupuncture sessions by appointment to help manage and reduce the harmful effects of stress. Contact to schedule an appointment.

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