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Pu'erh Tea and Fat Metabolism: Yet another study pointing to significant results.

In my regular scouring of the journals for new research on tea, I discovered one particular study that interests me, in large part because it is a high quality, peer-reviewed study done with randomization and blind, placebo controls. It is also of interest to me because it is on Puerh tea extract, and I love Puerh tea. I drink it every day and find myself sharing it with as many friends and clients as I can.

The study is now hosted on our site's research page, in full, for you to read yourself, but I wanted to highlight it on our blog and invite you to try Puerh tea, or any of the fermented teas we have at Abundant Heaven. They appear to be especially effective in helping the body remove fats from the body, especially free triglycerides and cholesterol in the vessels [1, 2].

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