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Update on Coronavirus & Lifestyle/Dietary Considerations

I listened to the CDC press event this morning and was happy to hear that China has shared the DNA information of this novel strain of coronavirus, allowing the CDC to develop better/quicker diagnostic tools, and to initiate vaccine development. I take comfort in hearing that due to technologies, experienced strategies, and global cooperation, we are prepared and the CDC is managing the development of this novel strain of coronavirus.

I wanted to also share some traditional dietary and lifestyle considerations, based on the symptom pattern being shared from doctors on the front lines in Wuhan, China. See our twitter thread below for recommendations:

We also shared a podcast provided by our friends/colleagues at Botanical Biohacking who have connections with doctors and healthcare providers in Wuhan, and based on their expertise and first-hand knowledge, provided some excellent insight into the 2019nCoV novel strain. Enjoy our transcription of a portion of their podcast on our twitter or listen to the whole thing yourself:

As with all seasonal illnesses, and remember it is still flu season, it is important to rest, be vigilant of your own body's signs and symptoms, and to prioritize self-care. If that means, more sleep, better food choices, and/or avoiding stressful situations, then prioritize those choices. We can also, as always, provide fine-tuning with our modalities/tools at Abundant Heaven - acupuncture, tuina, and herbal medicine are all excellent ways of supporting generalized health to avoid the ups and downs of seasonal illness.


Dr. Michael E. Brown, DACM, L.Ac.

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