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Chinese herbal formulas benefit metabolic and gut health through supporting healthy microbiome

In a newly published review of research into Chinese herbal formulas to address metabolic diseases and gut health (which we all know means broader health benefits: heart health, brain health, longevity, etc.), they found the following: "• Traditional Chinese medicine significantly improve glucose and lipid metabolism by modulating the gut microbiota. • Traditional Chinese medicine could affect the abundance of mucin-degrading bacteria, bacteria with anti-inflammatory properties, lipopolysaccharide- and short-chain fatty acid-producing bacteria, and bacteria with bile-salt hydrolase activity. • Traditional Chinese medicine could protect the intestinal barrier function, modulate metabolic endotoxemia and inflammatory responses, regulate the effects of short-chain fatty acids, modulate the gut-brain axis, regulate bile acid and tryptophan metabolism."

Person holding a cup of tea
Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

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