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Perspective is (almost) everything

Toddler standing on a boulder with the sun at his back. He pauses while he looks at the other boulders in front of him.
My son getting curious, reframing how he interacts with his surroundings. Turning something "scary" into a game.


So much of our experience depends on our perspective.

I was reminded of this while watching our son on a walk today. There was a line of boulders next to the paved trail. At first he didn't want to go on the rocks and was scared of climbing them. He doesn't usually climb on boulders and had some fear about falling and getting hurt. He watched our dog get up on a rock and then jump down.

With a little encouragement and giving it a try he realized that he could climb the boulders. He got really into it and realized that the up and down on and off the rocks was way more fun than the regular trail.

It made me lean in and reflect…At what point do we lose our curiosity and creativity in exploration?

When the hurdle seems too big and too scary?

When the obstacle in our path feels too overwhelming?

When we don’t have the support to resource more strength, focus or safety?

Is there a way we can lean into what is right before us with a little bit of playfulness?

With a sense of looking with fresh eyes?

We might realize that this “obstacle” is *actually what we are seeking*.

…Something different. Something new. Something that stirs emotion and creativity inside us.

Something to wake us from boredom and monotony to help us feel more alive.

Something that pulls us to engage a little more closely in the moment with more connection and presence.

If all that lies in front of us is a straight path with no interruption, where do we find our purpose?

If all that lies in front of us is an endless grueling climb, where do we find sanctuary?

The more we resist something in our path, the more it persists. And the bigger and more overwhelming it can feel.

When we can breathe into what is right here, there is space for things to move and take new form.

May we stay open and meet what is right here in front of us and within us.

Here's to embracing the ups and downs with a curious heart full of wonder, trust, and play.


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