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Podcast Announcement - New Episode on Tea Published

You may not have been aware but I have been recently publishing a podcast that focuses on research and topics surrounding our broad interests in acupuncture, East Asian Medicine, public health, movement therapies/martial arts/qigong, and Chinese fate calculation. I published a new episode today focusing on research around traditional views of tea as medicine or modern perspectives of tea as 'functional food' - we look at two studies around tea and its potential impacts on health; one through the lens of gut microbiota in rats and the other through a population-based study of over 100,000 Chinese adults and the impacts of tea on incidence of atherosclerotic heart disease and all-cause mortality. How are these two studies, which vary greatly, connected and how can we look at them in the larger context of tea research, public health, and tradition? Please enjoy this episode and subscribe for past and upcoming episodes:

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