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Relieve the Heat - Dive Into Melon Seed Green Tea

Our new tea selections have arrived just in time for the atypical heat waves. If you're looking for a respite from the dry, unsettling heat, consider drinking some quality green tea.

"Melon Seed" green tea from Anhui Province - Spring 2021 crop. This varietal is one of the top ten most revered Chinese teas and this batch is exquisite. Supposedly drank as a favorite by the last Empress of China, we can understand why.

The rich green younsee in this tea is locked in with careful heating of the leaves, which freezes the tea in this beautiful form until you unlock it with hot water. Each leaf is carefully picked and rolled.

The brew is succulent, faintly bitter, in a refreshing way, to clear heat (inflammation), "lift the clear and drain the turbid", cleanse the palette, and balance the natural umami sweetness that lingers pleasantly with each sip. If you like high quality green teas that aren't bitter, and can be drank hot or cold, This is a prime example.

Available in our shop, as supplies last. We love it hot or iced.

Melon Seed green tea leaves in a cup

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