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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Healing comes in all forms.

The old idea of a doctor in a white lab coat, honestly, does not appeal to me.

A medical provider who looks down at their patients or clients as less intelligent, less able, and unaware is part of the problem.

It never occurred to me before to become a doctor.

For me, it has been more about peeling off layer after layer of what is not me.

To continually unearth who I have been all along.

An artist.

An empath.

A healer.

A philosopher.

A realist.

A dreamer.

A warrior.

A mystic.

A scientist.

A mother.

A child.

A sister.

A sensitive soul with so much love and light to share.

I may not have spent as many hours or years studying as an MD.

I may not have had as high a GPA or SAT score as a surgeon.

I decided my gifts to share with the world were found elsewhere - where an institution granted me an expensive certificate of “Licensed Acupuncturist.”

That does not make me any less human.

That does not make a MD a god.

There is so much wisdom in all walks of life:

The mother and father who know the meaning of the different sounds of their baby’s cries. And knows how to soothe and when to give their child space to feel so they can all grow.

The chef who knows by smell and touch when the dish is ready. And curates the best ingredients, in the perfect ratios to transform the simplest things into a new life-giving form.

The artist who understands how color and light, sound and shape, omission and inclusion, create and dissolve worlds. And moves our inner landscape by pulling on our heart strings.

We all know something about life.

We all see, feel, hear, touch, taste, move, think, and dream…even if it looks different from how others do it.

We all yearn, we all ache, we all love and have experienced loss.

I am interested in how we can come together to share our wisdom.

I am interested in speaking and living from the heart.

I am interested in listening more deeply to hear what is spoken & feel the whispers behind the walls.

I am interested in how I can be more human and more humble.

To serve from a place of being empty.

The kind of emptiness that allows our gifts to flow more freely, less inhibited by ego.

The kind of emptiness that makes me feel completely whole.

Less entangled in wanting things to not be what they are.

For when we see, feel, and name things *as they are* there is movement.

Even the most subtle softening, opening, turning, makes space for breath.

To come and go - even in stillness.

This is the kind of space that makes wounds into fertile ground for decomposition.

This is how the wisdom of the seasons is embodied.

And yet, If anyone tried to guide us here, we would not be able to fully arrive.

We come and go of our own free will. We linger and stay.

Our fate in one hand, our free will in the other, we walk.

Sometimes alone, sometimes side by side, sometimes together.

Always becoming.

This is the practice of true medicine.

It is the practice of being a healer :: one who heals.

It is the practice of becoming awake.

Becoming more embodied, more alive, more who we truly are.






{image is of Jessica Giese-Gardner on a misty day at the top of Huayna Picchu in Peru in 2005. A pivotal trip in my own personal healing journey of discovering my soul purpose as a healer.}

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