Yin Metal Ox - Lunar New Year 2021

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

I will be reflecting on the tradition of fate assessment and lunar calendar traditions that come out of China. Here is a quote from my teacher, Liu Ming on this tradition from our modern context:

Ming, Liu. (~2012) Polestar Astrology Course Notes. Da Yuan Circle.

Honoring the tradition of the lunar calendar from Central and East Asian countries, we recognize the inherent wisdom inherent to the traditional Chinese and Tibetan astrological practices. We observe in them an empirical method that provides for reflection and meditation of patterns and cycles of meaning within the context of the vast and powerful world outside of ourselves, our bodies, our planet, all in attempts to make sense of the world in ways that are symbolic and meaningful from a personal and human perspective. These insights and reflective tools offer a rubric to hold the entire world within, an organizing principle to play with the various dimensions of self and other, personal and foreign, internal and external, all which were born prior to contemporary scientific approaches of observing and measuring the world, but which still prove valuable, interesting, and relevant to people as a means of learning and reflecting on oneself and life as an ever-unfolding journey.

From this perspective, we also acknowledge that we come to this tradition as an outsider, always looking to respectfully understand the context and personal dimensions of these academic, cultural, and personal traditions. We hope our reflections add to this tradition and do not mean to appropriate anyone's traditions, but uplift and carry them into the present and future in a way that celebrates them. We hope this sharing has achieved this humble effort.

Yin Metal Ox Year - 2021

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

xīn chǒu = 辛丑