At Abundant Heaven, you can count on us to be transparent, evidence-based, open to your input and concerns, and ultimately encouraging education and participation.

We believe that good medicine rests on a good relationship between doctor and patient. We overcome 'the sickness of fear' by spending extra time with patients, providing multiple perspectives, and doing our best to provide integrative treatment that improves quality of life and health outcomes while also respecting a person's beliefs and goals.

This excellent TED...

This is a reflection on an editorial from the Journal of Science and Healing titled: "Finding a Common Language: Resolving the Town and Gown Tension in Moving Toward Evidence-Informed Practice".

We share our thoughts with you to involve you in the practice of medicine and to bring awareness to changes in how medicine is being practiced in the United States.  Read the short article here to understand the discussion and commentary below:

Kligler and Weeks imply that there is certain inevitability within the larger movements of...

I spend a significant amount of time reading, reviewing, and collecting research relevant to our scope of practice.

If you aren't already following us on social media, please consider doing so in order to receive the flow of information and research I share.  We post to Facebook and Google +.

Additionally, I will add full research articles to our Research page and the Tea Research page.

And finally, I will occasionally add new references to our various pages for additional support of evidence to claims and explanations pro...

Happy lunar new year from Abundant Heaven!

We wish you a bountiful and healthful year.  We also wanted to share some insight into the primary themes of this year, based on traditional Chinese symbolism and views of the world.  As you may or may not know, Michael is a practitioner and student of classical Chinese astrology, particularly the branch known as Zi Wei Dou Shu through the lineage of his teacher Ming Liu.

Below is an excerpt from a recent reading for someone born the year of the Dog.  We hope the reflections...

Acupuncture continues to become increasingly more utilized by Americans, and being that today is a day when most Americans are focused on football, we wanted to point your attention to an article on the rise of acupuncture in football in particular.

This article, titled
"Big Men, Little Needles: Acupuncture in the NFL" is from Men's Journal.  It is a great look at how acupuncture helps the human body function better, how it can regulate and eliminate pain, and how it is being used by high-level athletes and everyday Ameri...

An excellent review of data from research that involved over 20,827 patients across 39 clinical trials was published in the prestigious medical journal - The Journal of Pain.  They focused their review on research involving treatment of non-specific musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis, chronic headache, or shoulder pain done between 2008 and 2015, adding to the overall data previously reviewed.


  • - Acupuncture has a clinically relevant effect on chronic pain that persists over time

  • - Th...

We wanted to share a newly published article from the journal Opinions in Anesthesiology, October 2017, titled: "Acupuncture for chronic pain: an update and critical overview".

Their key points for the article were:

  • Mounting evidence supports the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating chronic pain conditions including low back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain, headaches, and migraine.

  • The use of acupuncture in perioperative settings and as an adjunct or alternative to opioids and NSAIDs has shown promising outcome...

Acupuncture muscle channels, identified by physicians over two thousand years ago and part of the system of acupuncture knowledge and treatment is now understood as the myofascial system and the various groups of muscles and connective tissues.

Muscles account for 40% of your body mass and are involved in more than just movement and stability - they provide and maintain heat to the body, support proper circulation and pumping of lymph and blood to the extremities, and conduct neurological and non-neurological signals across...

Join us for a pre-holiday special event at Abundant Heaven.  Taste new tea, get sale pricing on last season's teas, and hang out in our zen zone.

With research and better understandings of the connections of the gut microbiome accumulating, there are, in our opinion, more and more substantial reasons to take a multi-strain probiotic on a daily basis.  Research is filling in the complex mystery of the physiological connections between the bacteria in our intestines and the rest of the systems of our body.

One particular study explains and assesses the connections between a healthy microbiome and heart disease, particularly in contributing to or reducing atherosclerosi...

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